Cornelius “Neal” Donovan

CORNELIUS “NEAL” DONOVAN is the son of Richard and Blanche Johnson Donovan. He married Ellen Dunne November 18, 1950. They have nine children: Richard, Tom, Constance, Patricia, Nora, Jim, Christine, Kathleen, and Susan.

Neal and Ellen wed Nov. 18, 1950
  • Richard farms the Shanahan farm adjacent to the family farm he grew up on. The Shanahan farm was an early settlement by the Irish. Richard married Connie Kennedy in 1973. They have one son, Robert.
  • Tom farms the O’Connell farm which is another of the early Irish farm settlements. Tom married   Sandy Birky in 1979. They have four children: Emily, Timothy, Rose, and John-(John now owns the Donovan family farm he grew up on).
  • Constance married Paul Taylor. They have no children.
  • Patricia married Marty Ryan. They have no children.
  • Nora is single.
  • Jim (Cornelius James) married Linda Rodriguez. They have two children: Cornelius James (Jimmy), and Alexandria (Alex).
  • Christine married Glen Ehlinger. They have four children: Sam, Claire, Elijah, and Katie.
  • Kathleen married Chris Frerichs. They have three children: Joseph, Elizabeth, and and Anne.
  • Susan is single.