John “J. T.” Donovan

John T. Donovan is the son of John and Loretta Carew Donovan. He was born on February 13, 1930, in Dubuque County, Iowa.

Photo of J. T. and Judy Hickey Donovan on their wedding day, August 12, 1950

The Donovan family moved to Lansing, Michigan, in 1940. J. T.  was ten.

He married Julia “Judy” Hickey on August 12, 1950, in Lansing, Michigan.

They had three children within the first four years of their marriage:

Julia died unexpectedly on March 11, 1959, at the age of 28 years old.

J. T. rose in rank to Captain with the Lansing Fire Department.

He married Marge Sidwell in 1972.

J. T. died on May 28, 1973, at the age of 43. He is buried in Hart Cemetery, Sec G, B1, 19, lot 1, Hart, Oceana County, Michigan.

Photo credit: J. T. and Judy on their wedding day.

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